A shocking incident took the Cricket fraternity by surprise when Rishabh Pant was caught on mic saying” Yeh to waise bhi chauka hai” which means “the next ball will anyway be a four” in English. To everyone’s surprise the very next ball, Robin Uthappa hits Sandeep Lamichhane for a boundary through the cover region. The Southpaw’s bizarre remark has stirred a controversy all over the globe where fans are accusing Rishabh Pant of spot-fixing. His video clip has gone viral on the social media which is creating more is misleading more & more fans into believing that Indian Premier League is still fixing matches. This incident is deplorable both for the player and the sport as it is strictly against the laws of the game as well as the spirit of the game.

Post the Indian tour of Australia last year, Rishabh Pant’s stump-mic chatter has become famous, but he finds himself in hot water after this controversial prediction. Such injudicious incidents often mislead people into thinking that fantasy sports play its part in such unethical activities. Spot-fixing or match-fixing is a different stigma which has spoilt this beautiful game for ages. Fantasy Sports, on the contrary, has promoted the ethics and principles of sports with the help of online gaming. If this turns out to be true, then a stern action must be taken by the BCCI against the main culprit as this kind of disgraceful deed shouldn’t be tolerated in the world of sports.

Lalit Kumar Modi, the founder of the Indian Premier League, took to Twitter to show his grief and displeasure against this infamous incident. However, the BCCI has abandoned all the allegations saying Rishabh Pant’s comments were ‘misconstrued’ and requested people to keep the talented youngster away from such false accusations. A top BCCI official, “No one heard what Rishabh said before that particular sentence. He was telling [Delhi Capitals captain] Shreyas Iyer to increase fielders on off-side to stop an imminent four”. The same official said that it is unfortunate that his career is being scrutinized using such inappropriate video footage. The official added, “Maligning a young cricketer without even knowing the details is so unfortunate. A section of media allowed social media to insinuate and vilify a young talent without getting into details. This is so disgusting.”